Inner Mess, Outer Mess

It’s been a really long time since I wrote consistently anywhere - in my analog bullet journal, in my newsletter, at work,or on social media. At work, I have been involved in a transitioning process that does not involve a lot of writing.

This has been compounding a mess” at a very high rate. In days, not in months. This inner mess has led to an outer mess. It is in observing this outer mess that I realised that there was an inner mess as well. Once I realised this, the rate of compounding of both the inner and outer mess has increased. Writing here is the only way to stop this process that feeds off each other.

I think the blog posts that I have posted here so far are a good representative of the outer mess. I have written four posts so far. The first one is an introduction. The second one is incoherent because I did not put the effort into the post that it needs. The third one is incomplete on the PSLV-C58 mission. The fourth one is a policy piece where I’m trying to argue for a status quo. I’m not sure that’s how these blog posts sounded like. This stems from an inner mess of thoughts not really ordered enough so that I can write something coherently.

January 16, 2024